• Brian Ashley Miller

Why resistance training is for you

Resistance training for sure. Most people don’t realize that 1 pound of additional lean muscle tissue burns 50-60ish calories a day while at rest. People have always had this fear that a little bit of strength training will make them super jacked, uh, nah. The fitness industry touts these words like toned and lengthening the muscle, these do not exist, but if you told women I’m going to pack your body with muscle, they’d leave. People get super caught up on weight, if I removed your organs you’d weigh less, no one wants to lose weight, they want to lose body fat. If you want to drop 20 lbs, eating less and running a shit ton will do that, but your body will not look great, and it will come right back on bc you have slowed down your metabolism. When you do a bunch of cardio and eat less, you’re telling your body it needs to move further utilizing less calories, it will slow down your metabolism so you can make it further, when you go back to eating your old calorie level, it will store those calories as fat for the next run.

Look at the people who do different types of training professionally. The best runners are skinny or skinny fat, no one is attracted to that, yoga instructors, some are toned, but most are not, I love yoga, but coupled strength training, it’s important not just to be limber, but to have strength in those movements. If you are a natural lifter, straight sets with rest periods is what will make you look & feel the best. I’m not saying cardio is bad for you or that you shouldn’t do it, just don’t over do it. Currently, I lift weights, on a Push, Pull, Legs split, 6 days a week, on day 7, I try to do yoga, but if I don’t I go for a nice long walk. I usually walk a mile each morning to wake up, do my work out, and right now I am running 1 mile afterwards. Not for body composition, just because I realized I couldn’t even run a mile recently and personally, I think I should be able to run 1 mile. So, my goal is to run a 10 minute mile after each workout, then as that gets easier, start pushing my time down, try to get to a 7.5 minute mile ish?

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