• Brian Ashley Miller

Full Body Split

This is what I'm doing for July, 9 hard sets per muscle group a week is good for beginners, 18-20 for experienced lifters, so I'm doing 3 sets per muscle group, 6 days a week. I find I am always a little sore, which I enjoy, but never wrecked and my results have been great. To save a little time, I've been super setting Chest/Back, Shoulders/Glutes, Quads/Hams, Bis/Tris, then finishing with abs and either Farmer's Carries or a light jog.

Full Body (switch lifts with each day)

1. Chest 3-6 sets (hit 3 angles)

a. Incline barbell press

b. Incline dumbbell press

c. Flat bench barbell press

d. Flat bench dumbbell press

e. Dips (Weighted if needed to stay in rep range)

2. Shoulders 3-6 sets (Hit 3 heads)

a. Seated Arnold press front

b. Military Press front

c. Dumbbell shoulder press front

d. Seated dumbbell side lateral mid

e. Rear dumbbell lateral raise rear

3. Triceps 3-6 sets (Hit 3 angles)

a. Rope push down

b. Single arm cable press-down

c. Overhead DB press up

d. Skull crushers forward

e. Close grip bench forward

4. Back 6-9 sets (Hit upper and lower)

a. Weighted pull ups

b. Lat pulls

c. Dead lifts

d. Barbell row

e. Dumbbell row

f. T bar row

g. Cable row

5. Biceps 3-6 sets (Hit 3 angles)

a. Dumbbell Curls

b. Barbell curls

c. Hammer curls

d. Spider curls

e. Preacher curls

6. Glutes

a. Hip thrust

b. Sumo deadlift

c. Single leg deadlift

7. Quads 3-6 sets

a. Squats

b. Walking lunges

c. Bulgarian split squats

8. Hamstrings

a. Good mornings

b. Romainian dead lifts

c. Leg curls

9. Abs

a. Hanging leg raises

b. Reverse sit ups

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